Fresno Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Fresno Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Fresno Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Our Fresno motorcycle accident attorneys aggressively fight to represent your legal claims to make sure that you received maximum compensation for your injuries.

Our accident attorneys understand that going through a motorcycle accident could be a very traumatic experience, and the victim could be left with permanent disabilities. Motorcyclists are more likely to suffer severe injuries when involved in a motorcycle accident because they do not have that protective barrier around them as drivers in vehicles do. A substantial amount of financial and emotional grief is suffered by the injured victim.

If you or a loved one have been through a motorcycle accident, contact our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys for a free no risk consultation. During this no obligation consultation, we will review all the details of your motorcycle accident claim. We will determine who the potential liable parties may be, what type of compensation you could receive, and the next steps on moving forward.

Our motorcycle attorneys here at Megeredchian law have been representing motorcycle victims for the last couple decades. We understand what it takes to successfully represent a victim and to make sure that their rights are protected. It could be very difficult to deal with insurance companies and adjusters who will try to downplay their liability. Our skilled motorcycle accident attorneys will navigate through the legal process for you while you focus on your injuries. Call us today.

Do I need an attorney for my motorcycle accident?

 Whether your injuries from your motorcycle accident are minor or severe, we recommend that you get the assistance of the top-rated motorcycle attorney immediately. The attorneys here at Megeredchian law understand the different types of legal claims necessary to successfully represent you, and will communicate with third parties to make sure that you do not see anything that could be used against you during the lawsuit. Having an accident attorney could increase the settlement amount offered to you from the insurance company. If you do not agree with the settlement offer, an attorney will be able to take your case to trial.

Who are the defendants in a motorcycle accident in California?

Motorcycle accidents can be caused in several different ways. When filing a motorcycle accident claim, the plaintiff must have to show what the exact cause was for their accident. In order to receive compensation from the liable party, the plaintiff must have to show how the other party, also known as the defendant, was liable in causing their damages. Some examples of parties that could be liable include:

  • Other drivers: oftentimes, many cars on the road do not pay attention to motorcycles, or may have the motorcycle in their blind spot. If the driver was negligent at the time of the accident, they may be held liable under a negligence legal claim.
  • Government entity: if the road conditions were poor and were a significant cause of the accident, the plaintiff may have a claim against the government entity responsible for the roads.
  • Car manufacturer or motorcycle manufacturer: if the accident was caused by a defect in the other car or in the motorcycle the victim was driving, the plaintiff may have a claim for products liability against the product manufacturer and product retailer.
  • Trucking Company: if the motorcyclist was hit by a truck, they could file a claim against the trucking company because of the employee’s negligence. The trucking company could be held liable through a legal theory called vicarious liability.
  • Truck driver: if the motorcyclist was hit by a truck driver, the truck driver’s negligence could make him liable for compensation.

What is the most common motorcycle injury?

The most common injuries associated with motorcycle accidents are head and spinal cord injuries. Since many may fall off their motorcycles when hit by another moving vehicle, there is a very high risk of suffering head injuries such as concussions and / or traumatic brain injury.

How is a settlement amount for a motorcycle accident calculated?

Our accident attorneys take into account several different types of factors when trying to find the best settlement offer in your favor. Examples of the different factors we take into account include:

  • The age of the victim
  • The severity of the injuries the victim suffered
  • The amount of time the victim was off from work
  • The property damage the victim suffered

There are two types of values that we advise our clients the case may be worth.  There’s both a settlement value and a trial value. A settlement value is a specific number calculated by the amount the injured victim lost. Trial value is what the plaintiff could potentially receive by going to trial. For example, the trial value takes into consideration the possibility that there is a slight chance that you may not win the trial.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

  • There are around 8 million registered motorcyclists in the United States.
  • There were around 5,000 motorcycle accident fatalities in 2019.
  • Motorcyclists are around 30 times more likely to pass away in an accident.
  • Around 70% of motorcycle drivers where their helmets
  • Several states, such as California, have made it a requirement to wear a helmet while driving a motorcycle.
  • Helmets have saved around 2,000 motorcyclists’ lives every year.
  • Almost all motorcycle fatalities last year were preventable by a helmet.
  • Motorcyclists were more likely to be involved in an accident between the hours of 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. during the weekdays.
  • Motorcyclists were more likely to be involved in an accident between the hours of 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. during the weekends.
  • About 24% of motorcyclists who are involved in accident fatalities had an alcohol concentration of more than 0.08%.

What are the causes of motorcycle accidents in California?

  • Negligent driving:  other car drivers may not pay attention to the road and may engage in distracted driving such as texting and driving and eating and driving.
  • Road condition: road conditions could be very dangerous during severe weather such as hail and snow. Improperly marked construction sites and loose gravel could also pose a danger risk to motorcyclists.
  • Speeding: many motorcyclists are known to have a tendency of speeding through lanes in an effort to try to get somewhere on time. Speeding is one of the leading causes of death for motorcycle accidents. Although motorcycles are not as fast as cars, the increasingly high speeds could still cause severe injuries if a motorcycle were to hit another moving vehicle.
  • Driving under the influence: driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs could substantially impair a motorcyclist’s perception.
  • Swerving between lanes on the freeway: one of the most common things a motorcyclist does is swerve between lanes during traffic. This is very dangerous not only for the motorcyclist, but also for other cars on the freeway.

Wrongful Death Motorcycle Accidents

If your loved one has passed away from being involved in a motorcycle accident, you may have a claim against the negligent party under wrongful death. Wrongful death allows you to collect compensation for lost wages and funeral expenses against the liable party. California has certain requirements that the person filing the wrongful death claim must have a very close relationship with the decedent. For more information, contact our wrongful-death attorneys for a free no risk consultation.

What should I do after a motorcycle accident?

The steps that you take after being involved in a motorcycle accident are very critical for your health and for a future lawsuit against the defendant. The different steps we advise our clients to take after being involved in an accident include:

  1. Make sure that you are in a safe space to prevent any other accidents
  2. Do not remove your helmet and any other gear you may have
  3. Seek medical care immediately
  4. Call the police so a police report could be issued
  5. Take photos of the property damage
  6. Gather evidence of the accident scene including witnesses, the other driver’s insurance information, etc.
  7. Contact our motorcycle accident lawyers for a free no-risk consultation to see how you could receive compensation for your injuries

What if I was not wearing a helmet?

If you were not wearing the helmet during your motorcycle accident, the other party may use this against you to show that you were also negligent in causing your injuries. California is a pure comparative law state, which means that the plaintiff could still recover compensation for their injuries. Their compensation will be reduced by the percentage of their fault. For example, if it was determined that the plaintiff was 30% at fault, they will be able to collect 70% of their damages from the defendant.

Contact Megeredchian law for a free case evaluation today. Our motorcycle accident attorneys are available 24/7 via phone and email, and we’ll be with you every step of the way throughout the legal process. We want to make sure that our clients are comfortable and well-informed with every step of their claim. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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